Travelling With Your Pet

SUMMER HOLIDAYS – tired of grey skies!

betty on the beach

Betty on the beach

 If you are thinking of taking your pet on holiday to Europe this year, it is easier than ever before.

 Your pet needs an IDentichip, Rabies vaccination, and an EU Pet Passport. 3 weeks later you can all travel to Europe and return to the UK.

 Detailed information is available on the Pet Travel Scheme website



If you are driving to Europe you can use the Eurotunnel and your pet stays in the car with you.  For all other travel plans check the Pet Travel website for “approved routes and transport companies” and then check the requirements of your travel company (ferry, airline etc).


Protect your pet against parasites. As important as this is in the UK, it is even more important when travelling in Europe. Talk to us about additional medications you may require for the areas you are visiting. Ticks, mosquitos and sandflies in Europe carry infectious diseases that your pet needs to be protected against.

Zorg and Betty enjoying their holiday.

Zorg and Betty enjoying their holiday.



Are the dates in your Pets Passport current?

Is your pet’s Identichip working?


You must see a VET more than 24 hours and less than 120 hours prior to your anticipated arrival back in the UK.  This is for dogs only.  The Vet will give a tapeworm treatment and write the time and date it was given in your Pet Passport and sign that it has been done!.

For short journeys, a long weekend,  the tapeworm medication can be given in the UK before you leave.

Call us to talk about your travel plans for Summer.